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I crave so much more than just a physical connection. I crave words and depth. I crave who you are and where you came from, your desires and fears. I yearn to know every inch of you beyond the surface.


So I’ve fallen for a girl, not just any girl, but the most amazing, beautiful, funniest girl I’ve ever known. I did not intend on falling for someone at the time but she came into my life and I was just putty in her hands, I’ve never fallen so hard and so deep in my life and I continue to keep falling for her each and every day.
She makes me feel like nothing can go wrong in the world and when we’re together all I see is us… everything else is just in the background, she’s the thing that keeps me ticking, keeps my head on straight.
She’s the one I think of from the moment I see day light to the moment my head hits the pillow at night.
We could sit in silence for hours on end and I’d still be having the time of my life.
I find her mesmerizing, I could look into those gorgeous brown eyes for forever and a day. It’s the way she looks at me, it makes me feel so warm like I’ve finally done the right thing in life, she is my life and though we are young I do believe we can work and I know I’d like to spend my life with this girl…be it as her girlfriend or even just on the side lines, I’ll always be there for her.
I’ve never cared for someone so much in my whole entire life and I shall continue to care for her, for as long as she wants me, and when she wants me no more I’ll still fight for her, because I believe she’s worth fighting for.
Soon she shall be leaving and we’ll become a long distance couple, I’d say it doesn’t bother me, but then I’d be lying.
She’s worth more to me than I could ever imagine so the distance won’t matter, I know there will be times where we will struggle and we will miss being in each other’s presence but in all honestly just knowing that I’m hers is the most amazing feeling I could ever dream about.

"I know something about loving people who aren’t smart enough to wanna be loved back. But I learned a secret that I can tell you. They don’t deserve it.

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